Saturday, July 16, 2005


I have a liking for videography. The interest in this hobby started way back in 1997 ( first ,interest in the Digital camera and then Video camera) . It was when my office purchased a Digital Camera for general office use and I being responsible for 16 Spare Parts Warehouses all over India started using this to take some photo's of these WH's to show to our directors the improvements being done. At the same time , i took some photos of family members or important places I visited during my tours to these WH's.

This was appreciated in the office as well as in the family circle. Then came the camcorder. My office had one and with the experience i had in the digital camera, I got the nod unanimously to use this camcorder at the AL's official functions (in which I took part). I was the honorary videographer in many functions which included dealer conferences both in India and overseas !!

i used this during our Singapore trip ( myself, Girija, Sudha and Subha)in 2001 and we have three cassettes of very good memories of that wonderful trip.

Seeing the photos and videos that I took , our ED ( Mktg ) nominated me as the chairperson of the photography club that he formed. ( It was another matter that the club ceased to exist when that ED ( M) resigned shortly afterwards !! ).

I finally had the chance of owning one myself when I purchased the Sony Handycam from Japan ( courtesy Ashok ) in Dec 2003. Ashok handed over that to me in the last week of Dec 2003 and the first video that I took from this handycam was the New year eve celebration at Sudha's apartment on 31st Dec in which one year old Dhanush took part in the fancy dress parade( not competition ). He was dressed as a Murugan and it was fantastic. From that time onwards, there was no stopping for my heriocs with the camera. Fortunately for me, function after function came in quick succession and my Handy cam was very busy and I gained good experience.

Some of the important events that have gone into this camera are
The growing of Dhanush ( still continuing )
Arvind Poonal
Arvind nichayathartham
Ashok Kalyanam
Arvind Kalyanam
Priya Nichayathartham
Priya Kalyanam
Sudha's house making( shot over a period of 10 months )
Sudha's Grahapravesam
Janani Nichayathartham
Hari's Seemantham
Subha's Marriage reception at Pune
Sudhan's nichayathartham
Raja Uncle's office functions

As I get more and more experience, I find it more interesting and also I am learning to use the various options available in the camera- like fader, memory mix ,backlight setting etc.etc.

It is really a fun. Try using it. You will love it !


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