Tuesday, July 07, 2009


Dhanush has recently joined in Skating coaching class. The class is conducted at Besant Nagar beach on all days , but Dhanush goes there only on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

I went there on last friday to see how Dhanush is skating. I went there with a plan of spending about 15 mins only but I ended up being there for more than an hour. The reason ?

There were about 100 children practising skating and their age would have been between 3 and 14 years. ( Most of them below 8, I guess). It was really amazing to see such a young generation skate with ease and grace. The skating surface was in eliptical form of about 100 meters long and I clocked a young student- about 5 yrs old- racing four rounds in 1 min. That works out to 24 km's per hour! What a speed at such a young age! The mind became very light after seeing the skating and I have decided to go there as frequently as possible.

If you have stress or worries, straight away head to a nearby skating coaching place and spend about an hour there . I guarentee you will return home a stressfree person.



valavanur said...

after reading your blog ,i rememberas a child myself and my brothers used to come to cuddalore,baburao street for holidays.my grandparents were staying at no.9 ,and periamma and no.6 baburao street.we enjoyed a lot.but the house at no.9 was sold by mama about 5years back.

valavanur said...

my periamma still stays at no.6 along with her son.i visit when time permits.