Saturday, May 22, 2010

Telephone contact/ Personal Visit

2nd June 2010

"If everyone goes through the log on their mobile, I am sure everyone must be speaking for about a minimum of 30 min a day (I am using my mobile for about 120 min a day !!!). But still we are feeling that there is lack of communication within family"

This is an excerpt from Vasu's recent mail. It is true that most of us do not talk to others in the family as frequently as we would like . You ask anybody why they are not talking , inspite of telephone tariff coming down so steeply, the ready answer we would get is that " I don't have time ". Everybody , including the person making that excuse knows fully well that it is a lame excuse.

The real reason is that everybody has his/her own priorities and they stick to it. A person may talk 100 times with person X in the family but not even once with person Y. Because he thinks that Y is not important enough to talk to.

Same is the case with persons visiting a place. "A" may visit a place "B" but he/she will not meet / talk to others living in the city. It is definitely not the question of time since during the visit, "A" might have visited a no of persons and might have gone to a no of places. Only that the person does not have time to visit the family members. What does that mean ? The person simply thinks that the persons he is not visiting are not important enough to visit.

And so how do we take it ? I follow this policy . பேசினால் / வந்தால் சந்தோஷம், பேசவில்லையா / வரவில்லையா OK., என்ன நான் சொல்றது? Correct தானே ?


Baskar said...

சரியாக சொன்னேள் ! அம்மாவும் இதைத்தான் கூறுவாள்.. வருபவர்களை உபசரித்து அவர்களது மனது நோகாமல் பேசு. வராதவர்களை ஏன் வரவில்லை/ஏன் பேசவில்லை என்று கவலைபடாதே - ரவி

Prakash said...

that's the way it should be taken, mama. the world is like this now.