Monday, July 04, 2011

Amavaasai Tharpanam - a different experience

4th July 2011

Suba moved from Pune to Pallavaram(Chennai ) by end May 11 and I came to Pallavarm to spend a few days with her by the 2nd week of June . While coming here , I forgot to bring the Amavasai Tharpanam book, Dharpai, pavithram etc. The Amavaasai fell on 1st July and I had two options. Go to Tiruvanmiyur and get these or manage locally. I decided to choose the 2nd option as I thought it was not worthwhile to travel 32 Km's just to fetch these things.In fact till 29th June , I did not bother much as I thought I could manage these things easily.

On 30th June, I went to the nearby Pillaiyar Koil and enquired with the Gurukkal there as to where I could get the pavithram, Dharpai etc. I was shocked to get an answer that these things are not available at Pallavaram and that one has to go to Nanganallur or T Nagar to get these ! Fortunately, he came to my help by making the Pavithram and Koorcham himself and gave them to me along with a few dharpais. So, one problem solved.

Suba did not have the sandhyavandanam book ( which will have the Tharpanam Mandiram ) .Being new in this building, she was not knowing many brahmin families and the one or two brahmin families she knew also did not have the book. So , I searched the net to get the Mandirams. But due to some BB problem, I did not succeed. Then I suddenly remembered that some two years back, I had downloaded the Mandirams in Suba's laptop. Luckily the file was in tact. So the 2nd problem also solved.

On 1st July morning,Suba realised that she did not have the எள். Luckily, grocery shop is very closeby and Suba got it within a few minutes.

Finally, I did the Tharpanam successfully, but when I wanted to do Brahma Yagnam, I found that the mandirams for the same was not available in the file and unfortunately, I could not access the net as there was no power. So, what to do ? I rang up Magesh ( who was at Pune ), asked him to chant the Brahma Yagnam mandiram over the Mobile and I did the puja here repeating the mandirams ! Namaskarams to my forefathers and fore-mothers.

Thus ended my Amavaasai Tharpanam - a different experience !! And what an experience. Being in Chennai, for a moment,I felt as if I was in China !


Anonymous said...

Oh Pious Soul Grateful to Ancestors,

On reading your experience to perform Amavasya Tharpanam i was in a mixed feelings with surprise,proud and happy.Being a descendant of Nagarathar family i follow pithru karmas regularly.

Your post inspires me to be in line with that for ever.
My humble Pranams and High Regards,

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your kind words, Mr Meyyappan.

S S Krishnan