Thursday, December 04, 2008

Elders' Children Day

On Nov 14th , Children’s Day , Odyssey ( Book, Gift, Toy etc Sales shop ) Adyar had arranged a small celebration in their office for the children of the staff of Odyssey. As one of Dhanush’s classmate friends is a son of the Odyssey Manager, Dhanush got a special invitation for the function. I and Sudha accompanied him to the shop.

There were 17 children in all. And there were 17 mothers , 16 fathers ( Chandar was in office and hence could not be present there !! ), one grandfather ( that was me) . Including some 15/20 bachelor staff members ( who were floating between shop and the function hall.), there were totally about 50 adults.

They had arranged some games, painting ,singing sessions etc for the children . They had also arranged free unlimited popcorn ( roasted and served hot ), Sugar candy ( remember Panchu Mittaai !) (continuosly made in the machine and served ), balloons etc ,obviously for the children. But the children were busy enjoying the games, painting etc and they did not consume much Popcorn (PC) or Sugar Candy(SC). Instead, all the adults were enjoying the PC and SC to their heart’s content and each was taking minimum 6/7 SC and equal, if not more , no of PC cups ( hi.. hi, I also took two cups of PC ). Since the children could not hold the balloon , as they were busy painting etc, almost all the adults had 1 or 2 balloons in their hand, and they were actually playing with them !!. While at Ashok Leyland, in one of the training programmes, I was taught that every adult has a child in him ,and I could practically see this child in every adult that day.

The children enjoyed the evening , but the adults enjoyed better. Really, it was really an Elders’ Children day !!! What do you say ?

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Vasudevan Sundaresan said...

Nice outing for you. I enjoyed those moments by visualising. When we play such things we actually become children forgetting all worries. At times one cannot help feeling "How wonderful it would have been had I been a child for ever"