Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Tribute to KVS athimber

20th Dec 2008.

Prakash's mail of yesterday rekindled my thoughts about our dear athimber KVS ,who left us this day last month. More than an athimber, he was a father figure to us , esp after the demise of our father.

It is a big loss to our akka Padma , Prakash , SriVidya and their families. It seems that I met him and spoke to him only a few days back , but it is over a month now. I am still not able to digest that he is no more with us.

He was an affectionate person and treated all of us ( our brothers and sisters ) as his own brothers and sisters .

He made it a point to attend almost all the functions in the family despite his age and physical problems .In fact, I was amazed many times to see his strength of will in undertaking long journeys. Such was his affection . On 18th Nov, when I met him , he was feeling very sorry that he could not come personally to Adyar the previous week to mourn the death of the husband of one of our cousin sisters !

I have stayed with him at Pune, Coonoor, Vizag and of course Chennai. His affection towards me in 2008 was the same as it was in 1955. And that is our athimber. He has taken a personal interest in our well being and had given a lot of advices to me and Girija which were immensely beneficial to us. I am grateful to him.

From a humble beginning, he came up in life the very hard way and ensured that his son and daughter got all the love , education and a very good married life . He achieved all in his life except that he could not see his grandchild thro Prakash. I know how much he prayed for it. Now that he is with God, he is sure to take up this cause more forcefully and directly with the God. And I wish and hope his prayers are answered soon.

May his soul rest in peace and May God give the required strength to Padma, Prakash , SriVidya and their families to bear this unbearable loss.


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