Sunday, April 01, 2012

மகா பெரியவா- 10

'Veedhi valam' in Nungambakkam. Every devotee wished to take Maha Periyava to their house and He was obliging too.

A small boy of 10-12years was watching it all.From his looks one could make out that he was very poor. He came as near to Maha Periyava as possible and said 'Sir, enga atthukkum vaango'. The sishyas tried to keep him away, but, every few steps he would come back with the request.

At the street corner the boy got scared that He might turn to the right and said 'Sir intha pakkam vaango,enga atthukku vandutu pongo'.Maha Periyava asked Kannan to lead the way to the boy's house. Maha Periyava entered the house, blessed everyone in the family and left.

Blessed was the family and I am sure that all of them would have become wonderful persons in their later lives. Enne Bagavaanin karunai.

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