Thursday, April 19, 2012

Silk Saree

Whenever I attend a function like marriage, the one thing that attracts my attention is the different designs and colors of Silk sarees that the ladies wear. And everytime, I used to wonder as to how they ensure that no two ladies wear the same color of the saree. If there are 100 ladies, there would be 100 different colors ! It is amazing to know how taste differs !

Coming to the silk sarees possesed by ladies, I think I am not off the mark if I say that any married lady ( in the upper middle class ) will have atleast 10 silk sarees in her wardrobe within a year of marriage. About 5 purchased for the marriage and another 5 added during the 1st year of marriage ( for Thalai Deepavali, birth day, wedding day, Seemantham, Valaigaappu etc ).

Now on how many days do they get to wear these sarees ? 15 ? or 20 days in a year ? So it turns to be 2 times for each saree on an average. As the years pass by, new sarees get added and the old ones forgotton ! It is my guess that a given silk saree is worn for a max of 5 or 6 times in its whole life.( Some sarees, liked most by the owner may be used for a a few more times ).

As the weather is very hot for almost 8/9 months in most parts of India, the ladies do not like to wear silk saree on normal days or for simple functions. But then why buy silk sarees ? it gives a majestic appearance and is a status symbol. And you know the time the ladies take to purchase a silk saree ? About 2/3 hours for a saree which will not be used for more than 5/6 times in the next 10 years or so.

I don't know whether it is worth spending so much of amount on silk sarees which have such a limited usage. But no husband / father(that includes me) will dare to say no, as this gives the status and at the same time immmensely pleases the other person. And on this sentiment, thrives the big textile houses like Nalli, Kumaran etc. Long live Silk Sarees.

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Zephyr said...

Some moments are need to be treasured for which Silk plays vital role. No matter how many times you wear or its used..the grace and elegance add beauty to the wearing person. All the same.. analysis of Silk sarees is damn good. :) AJ